Clear Choice Printing, a company of premier printers, has been serving Winchester, VA since 1979. Our family-run shop has been providing reliable and friendly printer services that businesses and families have counted on for decades. From signs to newsletters, we have the right tools to advertise for you.

At Clear Choice Printing, we can not only help you with all of your printing needs, but we can also help you with your design needs as well. When creating a flier, poster, business card, or any other item for public consumption, it’s important to keep legibility in mind. That means that you want people to be able to easily read what your item is saying. Font color and style is especially important when it comes to legibility.

When it comes to font color, it’s usually best to avoid bright colors as they are typically harder to see and read. It’s also a good idea to avoid dark backgrounds or backgrounds with a busy, distracting pattern that makes the words harder to decipher. Your best bet is to go with a dark, bold font color (black, navy, burgundy, etc.) on a lighter background (white, light grey, etc.)

As far as font styles go, you want to make sure that the font style is easy to read as well. That means that many cursive-style fonts aren’t ideal for legibility. Instead go with a font like Arial, Georgia, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. Fortunately, there are hundreds of font styles out there, so you can find a style that’s both unique and easy to read.

Aside from font style and color, you also want to make sure that your font size is easy to read. You want to find a balance between something too small and too big. The font size itself really depends on what type of product you’re talking about. For example, a flier’s font size is obviously going to be much smaller than the font for a poster. 

If you’re looking to get something printed, and you’d like a little extra design help too, be sure to come see us at Clear Choice Printing in Winchester, VA.