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Even with online marketing and social media, business cards haven’t gone out of style. They are a great way to leave a lasting impression while giving out important information to potential clients and customers.

Why Do You Need Business Cards?

Many times, a business card can be one of the first impressions that a potential client gets about your business. That’s why it’s important to create business cards that are simple, stylish, and contain all of your key contact information.

In a digital age, business cards add a personal and memorable touch. Don’t underestimate the positive impact that a business card can have on potential clients.

Business Card Design Tips

When it comes to your business cards, it’s true that less is more. A business card is a small piece of paper, so you don’t want to overload it with too much information. With that said, you still want to be sure to include key information on your business cards, and this includes: your company’s name and/or logo, your name, and your contact information (which typically includes your phone number and email). 

Your business card should also include your address (either physical or online). If you have a physical location where your clients and customers can visit, like an office or storefront, then you’ll want to include the physical location. However, if you work from home or run a business that is largely virtual, then you’ll only need to include your physical address (i.e. your company’s website URL).

QR codes are also becoming increasingly popular on business cards. You can add one to your business card with a link to your company’s website. That way, potential clients can easily access all of the info that they need.

It’s important to choose easy to read font styles, colors, and sizes, so that every one can easily read the information on your business card.

We Can Help

If you need help designing your business cards, we are happy to help. Or, if you already have a design and want to print them, we can help you there too. Just come to see us at Clear Choice Printing in Winchester, VA.